Jonkershoek Nature Reserve (Jonkies)

Jonkershoek Nature Reserve Review

Jonkershoek the perfect mountain bike paradise. As a new resident in Cape Town I do see myself as a good fresh pair of eyes on the awesome trails available. That’s in the eyes of the average rider.

Jonkies, well is awesome! The entire experience is quite majestic. Upon arrival you will quickly notice that there isn’t a lot of route markings. This isn’t a problem at all, the riders there are very friendly. During our first visit we were instantly accepted by a random group of riders and were accepted as friendlies. These riders subsequently without us asking, helped, directed and guided us to the best routes available.

The Route

Although the routes are not very well marked, finding your way is not difficult unless you are blind. You are riding among mountains and keeping some form of direction is very easy. The actual route and quality is really awesome. The park offers various options on climbing, awesome single track, berms, berms and more berms. Not to mention┬áthe scenery, this alone by far outweighs anything available in the north. It’s gorgeous!

Catring & Facilities

The park is a nature reserve, there isn’t any catering or shops available however just outside the gate en route there were a number of options available who especially cater for MTB’ers.

Definitely a must visit location!

Jonkers Hoek (Jonkies)

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