The Kings Blockhouse – First attempt

Riding the Kings Blockhouse for the first time

This route to the Blockhouse didn’t leave me with a good first impression. I guess the Table MTB club won’t be happy with this but, as an outsider this is my experience and honest view on my experience. Perhaps this is what the local club intended to keep their routes secret and preserved. Once day we will know…

We parked at UCT… this felt illegal. Got on our bikes and followed some riders. Soon everyone were going in all different directions. We got on some gravel roads and headed to the blockhouse as a beacon. It’s THE mountain so holding some kind of direction is easy yes. And yes we got there.

Did we find marked routes, yes sort of. Was there a clear map that offered route options… i didn’t see anything.

Technical, well in the 2x I’ve done the Epic Prologues… with some familiarity we managed to find the technical downhill along with the path back to the gate. About a 3km section from the top… felt like a 5min section. Other than this it was gravel roads all the way.

I’m sure the mountain has a lot more to offer… so yes there will be a second attempt and yes this will be an accompanied attempt.

Who knows?



Technical Options








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