Desert Dash 2018 369km

Looks like the crazy has taken over once again… I’ll be going from zero to the Solo Desert Dash at the end of 2018.

That’s pretty much where I rate myself currently, at zero. The last few month’s I’ve really struggled to build any fitness resulting in regressing quite a bit. This is going to be a big one and a lot of effort and conviction will be required to get into gear and get this done.



I haven’t decided to do this race on my SS, must say its very unlikely. My current steed, the Spaz Camber will have to be my weapon of choice. I would like to consider a Hard tail like the Trek Procaliber or even the Cannondale. But we will evaluate possibilities and see how things progress.


As the season progresses there might be some fluctuation on detail and gear ratio’s but again we’ll get into that when we get there.


Lights – I’m lucky to already own one of the best, Extreme lights endurance light. For now what I know, I do still need an additional battery for my light.


Well we are entering winter, the hardest season to kick off training so this will be my first BIG test. I’ve set out to work in gym and do some bike training (Mostly indoors based on weather and time). Experience has taught me that I have to expand my training to the rest of my body to build better endurance. This will also help with that weight problem I’ve developed over the last few months.


In my case the fact is that I struggle to really push myself to the max when training, I’ll have to work in some racing in preparation. What and where I haven’t decided yet but I will keep this post updated on my prep and readiness.

Will I be able to just go out and attempt to survive the 100 Miler race in less than a month? I’m still contenplating but seriously considering that this might be the mental pain training I need.


Probably one of the biggest areas I need to focus on, finding what really works for me. I’ve really had some challenges finding a product that helps me fuel properly. I’ve got 6 month’s to conclude this matter so all hands on deck and let the games begin.

Partner, Support and Crew

Well I’m in, Bryan needs to get his hands on a bike first so let’s see what happens.

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