Joberg2c the best stage race in SA?

Let’s start of by answering the question… Yes! The Joberg2c is by far one of the best races in SA!

In 2019 the race celebrates a 10year existence, shockingly I’ve only participated one in this event. But definitely an event high on my to do list and definitely an event I will do again in a heart beat.

Let’s break it down to the basics… Yes it’s 900km’s. Yes anyone can do it, but you need to train. The race really starts off easy and just like any endurance event if you start slow and steady you can go all the way. You have to be able to do 100km a day, by any calculations that’s a lot of time on your saddle thus if you haven’t prepared your bum for this challenge you legs will be the last thing on your mind.

The race offers you the best value for money by far, you actually get to experience 3 races in 1. The Berg and Bush, the Sani 2 C and then the first 3 days as a bit of special added bonus. The trails and routes are by far some of the best you will ever experience. Smooth fast single tracks exceptionally well built and maintained for this event. Its just something special that I simply cannot put into words. Go ride, and see for yourself.

One thing I absolutely love about this event is how the organizers treat the riders. We are all VIP’s, every single rider. They will absolutely go out their way to make this an unforgettable experience and ensure every rider crosses the finish line every day.

Then the catering, you will be amazed. These towns, schools and club’s absolutely go out to impress and blow your mind. Some of the best steaks, Nesquick on tap, melktert… too much to mention. I think I actually gained weight. It’s to die for 🙂

Then last, the mates and friends you make. You get to spend 9 days with like minded people, you suffer together you supper together. You do make friends for life… that’s where my co author and I met.

So go do this event if you haven’t, you will absolutely never regret it!

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