Failures, we all haven them… how do we get over this hurdle?

Well I’m definitely no one to advise on the matter although I have always considered myself a good technical rider. That’s before this Enduro scene started muddying the water with the blending of life threatening berms, jumps, table tops etc into XC and marathon trails. Now.. I’m below average.

So I’ve set out to bridge the GAP and build confidence in these scary situations. Slowly but surely one can improve and work your confidence levels up, yes that means you probably will hit the dirt a few times. Especially when you hesitate and don’t follow what you you already know. I do speak from experience in this regard. But, sometimes you need to call in a pro to point out your stupidity and point you in the correct direction. And perhaps in slightly more controllable conditions.

So let’s take it from there and joint the guys from Biking In The Bosch on the Tygerberg Specialized skills day. I’ll let you know how this went…

Biking in the bosh –
Skills day –

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