Nedbank Desert Dash 2018 SOLO Confirmed

Let the games begin, I’m confirmed for the desert dash SOLO 2018. Preparation is underway and excitement is definitely building. Keep your eyes on my Strava to see what I’m up to in preparation.

Now all I have to do is keep my head down and spend time on the saddle, lot’s of it!

I still have a lot of research and event planning to do to make sure I’ve got myself covered… to start I had a look at the winning times and average rider times. Looks like I’ll have to maintain a 20-21km/h average. The total distance will be 369 with over 3000m climbing. To win, I’ll have to exceed 26,4km/h average… so that’s a no.

Obviously this isn’t my first big event but the excitement, nerves and preparation for any big event never really go away for us mere mortals. I guess this is part of the reason we go back and do them again.

I’ll happily share some knowledge as I go through this process of rediscovering my known tricks and secrets, including the new one’s I discover along the way.

Looking forward to this journey… just hope there is enough time to get these legs into shape.

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