My tool bag got UPGRADED

I’ve been using a ZIP lock bag or multiple ZIP lock bags for years now to hold all my spares or emergency repair kit… That’s until I got my hands on the new POCPAC bag, best part it’s even branded Specialized.

At last a little bag durable enough to just hold the essentials, something that will outlast a ZIP lock by years. Now they actually offer the tool bag in a size bigger that the on I opted for, but my requirement is to keep things simple so I chose the mobile phone bag (101x182mm).

I must add.. What I do is tape a tube to my bike, I have 2x bombs in a bomb holder fitted at my bottle cage and also have the samurai puncture plugs fitted in my handle bar. I also like keeping my multitool separate for quick access. So I don’t have everything in one place yes… but everything does have their place.

Just some sharing on what I actually have in my little magic bag.

  1. Eye drops and a extra contact lens… Yip I’m blind without my lenses.
  2. Lube
  3. Presta converter and valve tool .. just cause they take up no space.
  4. Tyre levers
  5. Bomb adaptor… I’m very specific here (Topeak Micro Air Booster or NOTHING!!!)
  6. Blade to cut those plugs
  7. Extra derailer hanger wheel… shockingly used this more than once.
  8. Plugs and more plugs
  9. Derailer hanger.. make sure you get one that fits your bike.
  10. Patch and sand paper… for when the spare tube goes.
  11. Mushroom plug for those big sidewall cuts… works a miracle this thing.
  12. Sticky rubber for that sidewall that the mushroom plug simply can’t save
  13. And then chain links to fix that broken chain (only 2x but I do recommend more… used more than once)

My multitool shown below has seen better days… but it works for me and I love it. Keep it oiled and it will last you a lifetime. This is an all in one crank brothers tool.

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