Getting back into the saddle

So it’s been a while since I’ve been on saddle again and in need of some much needed watts. Why you ask, well simple; life does get in the way at times, so I’ve changed a few things and up’ed my game once again. We all can do this but only if we want to or need to, so I created the need with the want.

It doesn’t help the guilt too that today is just a brilliant day and with some quiet roads into Stellies too, who could resist?

Train the mind and body to love the hurt! This improves your fitness gain tremendously.

So, “how did I do it; with some pain“, “how do you do it”; that is a question only you can answer, but here are some tips to help

  • Pick a good day, don’t rush or even make a 5am start: make it chilled
  • Get your stuff out, put it on, get out the door: just go do it because tomorrow is too late
  • Go where your heart or mind takes you, just make a good ride of it, bring music if you want
  • Pain is coming so look forward to it because it only tells you you’re being awesome
  • If you are short term goal oriented; focus on the road in front of you, granny gear just make it up this climb, feel the burn, love the burn, look down, keep going. Short goals; just to this lamp post or bush ahead
  • If you are long term goal oriented; focus on your midway stop for that coffee, beer, cake or bacon (I love bacon in the morning). Don’t have a time limit, just getting there is the goal.

Well that was my little pain cave today and just encase you don’t believe the pain, check that 103% max HR on route home. Helps having an ice cold dam at home to stick the thighs into to cool off and numb the pain.

Now go get back onto your bike and reward yourself.

I know I did! Stopped off at #bootleggers in Stellies for a pick-me-up and minor recovery, as I knew the real pain was about to come. Yes that road home on sinwe loaded with lactic acid that wants to burn you into the depths of Mordor.

See you guys out there soon!

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