About Us

About Your Authors

Let me tell you a little bit about us. My name is Kowus Pelser,  I’m on the right and my co author is Bryan Bamber on the left. Between the two of us I’m the average or our resident buffalo category racer. Bryan on the other hand is referred to as our racing snail, yes shockingly looks is deceiving. We are your authors.

Between the two of us we’ve participated in a number of events including, Epics, Joberg2c, Sani2c, Wines2Whales and lots more. We’ll share some stories and tips from these races in our blog feed so look out for them.

Just a little bit more about us, we’re both from Jhb however fortunate enough to now live in Cape Town. This exposure will add some experience so look out for our references to the Jhb versus Cpt experiences.

So what are we doing here?

Well we are here to give you our views (Just the average (below average, aka Bryan) cyclist’s view opposed to the lean ex racer’s view). We commit to always give you our pure and honest opinion on products. Our readers can be assured that we commit to never falsely representing our opinions, even if we get paid or bribed. We commit to always giving you pure honesty. As authors we will aim to entertain you with some cycology and the obligatory fun reading.

By doing this we aim to bring cyclists together and ease the introduction of new comers into the sport.

Thank you for your visit and feel free to make contact with us should you have any suggestions or if you would like our honest pure view of your product.